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ZZR update

Careful readers (if there are any… somehow I doubt that :)) may have noticed that on October 1st, I posted a small update to the previous article about the “mileage” of my old Suzuki (99880 at the time).

Well, on October 4th, I finally managed it: the counter reached 99999. Of course, I made the effort to ride that extra kilometer, but to my great surprise, the counter refused to flip to zeros. The main counter and both trip counters just stopped. A new challenge is here :)

In the mean time, I forgot to tell you that I took the Kawasaki ZZR 1400 for a test drive, on September 23rd already. I had to go through Kawasaki Netherlands to find a dealer that still had the ZZR available, and it brought me to a small motorcyle shop in Haastrecht.

The test drive was enough to make me decide that I wanted that bike, and since the actual demo bike was for sale at a nice price, I decided to buy that one. Last Saturday, I went back to Haastrecht to pick it up. Me happy! :)

So… things went a little quicker than I thought. There was barely enough time to ‘finish off’ the Suzuki, before her replacement arrived.

Please contact me if you want to make me an offer on a blue ’99 Suzuki GSX750F with heated grips and a Givi wingrack with two 36-liter cases :).



Could this be the one?

As the end comes nearer (*) for my old Suzuki, it’s time to slowly start looking out for her successor. I have been a long time admirer of the Yamaha FJR1300/A, and with the introduction of the new AS-model  with YCC-S (chip controlled shifting system or automatic clutch), it has become even more interesting.

However, there aren’t a whole lot of motorcycles whose specifications compare to those of the new Kawasaki ZZR1400. And face it: power is cool and this baby has got a LOT of that.

With 190 pk (200 with RAM Air) at 218 kg (with ABS), a maximum torque of 154 Nm at 7500 rpm, and a supposed top speed of 324 km/h, this monster appeals to me in ways I cannot describe :)

I wonder if that buddy seat is a little comfortable. I hope so, for the sake of my girlfriend :) I will definately try and arrange a test drive some time soon!

My “old” Suzuki GSX750F, as I already said here (in Dutch), is approaching the 100.000 km milestone. It’s got just over 95.000 now, and my vacation has yet to begin. I have always said I would put 100k on the clock before I would trade it in for something else. Now that this moment is actually in sight, I am definately ready for something new…

Update August 12th:
We just got back from holidays in France, and the count is now up to 98527…

Update September 12th: 99155!
Update October 1st: 99880. Damn, why does that take so long? 😉


Da’s de kilometerstand die ik gisteravond op het klokje van mijn :)motorfietsje:) heb gezet. Wel mooi 82.000 probleemvrije kilometers, dat wil zeggen: zonder technische problemen die niet mijn eigen schuld waren. Het “einde” komt in zicht, want ik heb mezelf beloofd om bij 100.000 km een nieuwe te kopen.

Overigens duurt dat nog wel eventjes, want met 11.000 km per jaar zitten we dus wel zomer 2006 te kijken voor het zover is. Nja, dan  issie ook ruim 7 jaar oud, dus dan mag het ook wel een keer. Nu nog even bedenken wat mijn volgende moet worden :)

Nou ik toch over motoren aan het lullen ben: ik kwam vandaag via een motorforum terecht bij het knutselhoekje van Yamaha, voor als je van knippen en plakken houdt. Veel plezier :)


Vandaag is het dan eindelijk zover. Mijn Suzuki, met sinds vanochtend 71.000 km op de teller, krijgt een nieuw balhoofdlager. Zaterdag heeft-ie al een nieuw achterbandje gekregen, dus straks is hij weer zo goed als nieuw.

De mensen bij Safe ( waren zo vriendelijk om mij een motor te lenen vandaag, dus ik heb vanmorgen ook al een stukje mogen rijden op een Yamaha Diversion.

Niet echt spannend, maar het is beter dan de bus!

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