ZZR update

Careful readers (if there are any… somehow I doubt that :)) may have noticed that on October 1st, I posted a small update to the previous article about the “mileage” of my old Suzuki (99880 at the time).

Well, on October 4th, I finally managed it: the counter reached 99999. Of course, I made the effort to ride that extra kilometer, but to my great surprise, the counter refused to flip to zeros. The main counter and both trip counters just stopped. A new challenge is here :)

In the mean time, I forgot to tell you that I took the Kawasaki ZZR 1400 for a test drive, on September 23rd already. I had to go through Kawasaki Netherlands to find a dealer that still had the ZZR available, and it brought me to a small motorcyle shop in Haastrecht.

The test drive was enough to make me decide that I wanted that bike, and since the actual demo bike was for sale at a nice price, I decided to buy that one. Last Saturday, I went back to Haastrecht to pick it up. Me happy! :)

So… things went a little quicker than I thought. There was barely enough time to ‘finish off’ the Suzuki, before her replacement arrived.

Please contact me if you want to make me an offer on a blue ’99 Suzuki GSX750F with heated grips and a Givi wingrack with two 36-liter cases :).