Some of my bookmarks, some of the best the web has to offer 🙂

Server software that I use

Favourite web-stuff (apps, JS libs, etc.)

Free killer-apps for Windows

  • PuTTY – A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client
  • CDex – A cool CD ripper and mp3 creator
  • IrfanView – A freeware graphics viewer
  • Vim – The best text editor around is also available for Windows
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Next generation browser from
  • Vistumbler – Wireless network scanner for Windows Vista/7
  • FileZilla – FTP client
  • Miranda IM – open-source multi protocol instant messenger client
  • SharePod – Free your iPod
  • Mp3tag – The Universal Tag Editor
  • ProcessExplorer – shows you which handles and DLLs processes have opened