What I said on 02 Aug 2016

  • "Failover:I/O Errors detected on unit S002. In order to prevent data loss the system is going to shut down." I wish it hadn't done that. 14:26:24
  • RT @weermanreinier: Ik ben beslist liefhebber van #onweer. Van zo een bliksem gaat je hart helemaal sneller kloppen 😉 What a Beauty. http… 15:46:27
  • RT @GodDoesnt: It appears the national mood about Trump is shifting from shock to making fun of him. This is the correct move. 16:57:07
  • De A2 bij Nederweert wordt op dit moment voorzien van een nieuwe laag chocolade. https://t.co/KS5t9PO9o1 17:14:33
  • "Please sign into your account on Yahoo within 7 days if you'd like to keep it" I ALMOST logged in just to see what Yahoo is about in 2016.. 20:00:40

What I said on 01 Aug 2016