Trackserver WordPress plugin

Trackserver is a WordPress Plugin for collecting and presenting GPS tracks. Please refer to the following pages for more information:



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A vacation

A map with 22 different tracks from the Trackserver database, presented as a continuous track with a custom color:

[tsmap track=564,575,656,657,658,625,627,628,629,622,623,624,619,618,620,621,647,630,646,648,653,655 color=#8400ff height=750px continuous=y]


Skiing with a friend

A map with live tracks from 2 different users, no start markers, custom colors and a nice dash pattern for one of the tracks.

[tsmap user=jimmy,johnny infobar=y markers=e color=blue,black dash=1:5,5]

Even though the tracks in this demo don’t gain any new points, the map updates every 10 seconds and follows the current position of a user, as long as the live-update feature is turned on. It can be turned off and on again with the stop/play control on the left, below the full screen control. When the page is loaded, the map will follow ‘Jimmy’, because his name is listed first, but you can click on the red end-marker of either track to start following that one. The infobar at the top will show the information for the track that is currently being followed. Users can be specified by their numeric ID or by their login name. The information in the infobar is templated and can be changed in Trackserver’s options.

Because it’s a live track, the zoom factor is quite high (16 by default) when the map is first loaded. This can be changed with the zoom attribute. When the map is updated with track’s current position, the view’s current zoom level is kept.


Tracks with style

Two tracks from the database, one as a thick but somewhat transparent line, and the other as pink dots.

[tsmap track=819,820 weight=20,4 color=skyblue,#ff00ff points=n,y markers=n opacity=0.5,1]


External files

This map shows multiple tracks and a waypoint from an external GPX file.

[tsmap gpx= weight=2 color=red continuous=n]

Leaflet-omnivore is used to parse the file and draw the contents on the map, so Trackserver’s influence on the result is limited. It also consumes KML files with the kml attribute. Multiple files of the same type can be shown on a map too. Just remember that you cannot load arbitrary files from all over the web, due to CORS restrictions in your browser.

Another limitation: even though an external file can contain multiple tracks, which Trackserver will happily draw, the file is a single entity in Trackserver’s list of tracks, and as such, styling parameters like color and weight apply to all tracks from a single file.

A living live track

This map is showing an artificial live track. A script is repeatedly getting a route between two random points from Project OSRM, and walking the result. If the map doesn’t update, the script may have crashed…