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What I said on 14 Feb 2020

  • RT @4everNeverTrump: It's not everyday when a supposed ally admits it is actively trying to undermine our country's freedom of speech. http… 13:14:44

What I said on 06 Feb 2020

What I said on 05 Feb 2020

  • RT @TheDemCoalition: Thank you Senator Romney.

    It's not just a vote. Mitt Romney's concise explanation of why impeached Donald Trump must… 21:25:02

What I said on 30 Jan 2020

  • RT @monteiro: Everyone who worked on this should be in jail. From management, to strategy, to design, to engineering. Not only did they bet… 22:35:50

What I said on 29 Jan 2020

  • Genomineerden voor de gouden radioring op tv bij Jinek. 't Zijn, op Ekdom na misschien, wel allemaal échte radio-hoofden. 23:20:00