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What I said on 26 Jul 2016

What I said on 25 Jul 2016

What I said on 22 Jul 2016

  • If you're not entirely clear on who D Trump is, read the editor's note at the bottom of this piece on @HuffPostBiz https://t.co/m6XP6cZZMY 09:08:51
  • Before banning guns altogether, America should start by taking them away from the police. It's just not safe. https://t.co/iKDiq9IL90 09:19:22
  • RT @djmoskou: Er is veel mis in Rusland, maar als Poetin zou doen wat Erdogan uitvoert, dan zouden sancties EU-VS minstens tot 2143 worden… 09:58:51
  • RT @official_php: Reminder: today saw the very last #PHP 5.5 release!

    For more information on PHP's support policy, please refer to https:… 10:50:37

  • RT @DougSaunders: A system in which a charismatic figure says only he can fix things, restore order and expel unwanted groups. There should… 10:52:11
  • De weer-app op mijn telefoon geeft voor vannacht: lichte regen met 30% kans op neerslag. 't Staat er echt. 12:49:25
  • @Mapke @VileineNL "lijstrekker" in de eeste zin. Zo kom ik nooit door dat stuk heen 😉 14:32:54
  • The drinking actually explains a lot, given how the site looks. #reddit https://t.co/jPs8nw8YWY 16:40:29

What I said on 21 Jul 2016