This map demonstrates both Leaflet.Liveupdate and Leaflet.Messagebox.

With Liveupdate, a callback function is set to be executed every X seconds. The loop can be halted and restarted by clicking the stop/play button below the zoom controls.

With Messagebox, a simple styled text box can be shown on the map, in the standard control positions. The box can in fact contain any HTML content, because it's just a <div>. The box will disappear after a configurable timeout. The box can be styled with CSS, so you have complete control over style and content.

In this demo, Liveupdate is programmed to show a Messagebox every 5 seconds, in a random position, containing a random message. The Messagebox timeout is set to 3 seconds.

Liveupdate was originally created to periodically update a polyline (GPS track), to do 'live' location tracking. Messagebox was originally created to show feedback for clicking the Liveupdate control button, as can also be seen in this demo.

Both plugins have been tested extensively with Leaflet v0.7.x. The current version of leaflet used on this page is 1.0.2. Please open an issue on Github if you experience any problems.